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Pool Services Senoia, GA

The proper care and upkeep of your pool greatly impacts the function and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, proper pool maintenance is necessary to ensure the chemicals are properly balanced for the safety and health of your family.

With over 100 years of combined experience, the J&M team is trained and experienced in ideal maintenance and care for every component of your pool. Our services include seasonal services, quarterly services, maintenance, repairs and upgrades, leak detection, and pool inspections.

Seasonal Services

Whether preparing for swimming season or closing down for winter, your pool needs professional maintenance and care. At the beginning of pool season, through our pool opening services, we will de-winterize and open your pool for the pool season. An assessment will also be made to make sure you are ready for the summer season to come.

Before the fall and winter our team of professional will provide a pool closing ensuring preservation of your swimming pool investment.We offer numerous winter options to ensure the preservation, cleanliness, and safety of your backyard investment.

Quarterly Services

Consider quarterly services as professional deep cleanings and inspections which can prevent many costly repairs. When pool equipment is properly maintained it dramatically increases the lifespan and ensures lack of down time during the valuable swim season.

Filter cleanliness, automation settings, heater cleanout, salt cell cleanings, and chemical levels are extremely important for the safety of you and your family and the preservation of your pool. Our professionals will test your water meticulously and ensure all equipment is at maximum working order.

Repairs & Upgrades

Whether fixing or upgrading your existing pool, we can get your pool ready to enjoy for the swimming season. Our team of experienced professionals will work quickly to restore function to your pool.

Swimming Pool RepairSwimming Pool UpgradesUpgrade Swimming Pool

Leak Detection

Losing water is a serious concern for your yard and home as water damage can be devastating if left unchecked. Additionally, your water bills will increase and your system will be overtaxed trying to compensate.

Leak DetectionContact the professionals for a quick solution to what can become a serious issue.

Pool Inspections

Prior to purchasing a home with a pool, it is vitally important to know the current state of the pool. If costly repairs will be necessary, this is an important consideration for your purchase overall.

Swimming Pool Inspection ServicesPool Chemical RebalancedPool Inspections

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