Pool Inspections

A clear picture before you purchase

Pool Inspections Senoia, GA

When purchasing a home, it is wise to account for every possible detail. Prior to making an offer, most people will hire a home inspector to ensure they understand the condition of the home. Consider a professional pool inspection to serve the same purpose. Home purchases are a scenario when surprises are best avoided. With professional inspections, you know if a home is worthwhile or at the very least if accommodations or adjustments should be asked for. The team at J&M Pool Company can help clarify the state of your potential new pool. We evaluate every detail including water chemistry, pool structure, and pool equipment to provide the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. At the conclusion of the inspection, we provide a detailed report which includes an estimate to complete the suggested repairs.

Inspections by J&M Pool Company: 

We analyze the water carefully.

If a pool has a significant algae problem or the water is significantly acidic, a full restart may be necessary before the water can be deemed safe. Additionally, a deep cleaning may be needed as well based upon the current water situation.

In some cases, the water may be fine or only need chemicals re-balanced. The water situation can greatly affect the course of action needed to make the pool usable.

We evaluate the pool structure for safety, functionality, and stability.

When the pool structure has been compromised, repairs to restore safety can be necessary and costly. In our inspection report, we give an itemized list with ratings for you to fully understand the extent of the pool's issues.

We test all the components of your pool equipment.

Behind the scenes, your pool equipment is keeping your pool flowing and functioning properly. Our technicians will meticulously check the equipment and provide a detailed list of all vital repairs.

Benefits of Pool Inspections:

  • Clarify whether a home purchase is wise.
  • Receive a clear perspective on the overall health of the pool.
  • Determine what work will be necessary to have the new pool in working order.
  • Allow you to negotiate effectively backed by a professional pool company.

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