Additional Features

Maximizing your outdoor entertaining space

Additional Features Senoia, GA

Reaching beyond pools, we also enhance your outdoor space using water features, fireplaces, decorative concrete and pavers, pergolas, and poolside kitchens. Regardless of your backyard's size, entertaining style, and vision, the team at J&M Pool Company can help you imagine the possibilities. With vast options for customization, our additional features can help you embrace poolside entertaining.

How can additional features improve your outdoor space?

Decorative concrete or pavers can improve the appearance and comfort of your poolside area.

Since most family and friends using your pool will be barefoot, having a comfortable and smooth walking surface is important. In addition to ensuring soft walking surfaces, decorative concrete or pavers also will enhance your pool's aesthetics.

Outdoor fireplaces are a valuable addition to your backyard which can be enjoyed in every season.

In swimming season, an outdoor fireplace is a warm place to dry off after a refreshing dip in the pool. During the winter season, the fireplace can still be enjoyed, pairing perfectly with a hot beverage and cozy blanket. A fireplace is wonderful for entertaining guests as well as being a comfy place for family time.

Outdoor kitchens maximize a day at the pool.

With an outdoor kitchen space, your family and friends can enjoy being poolside all day. Beyond the fun of outdoor entertaining, your home stays dry on the inside. Whether just adding a bar space or a full-service kitchen, we can help design a kitchen to serve your needs.

Water features can upgrade the luxury of your patio space.

A custom water feature adds natural beauty to your space as well as tranquil background sound. Your backyard becomes a comfortable and serene space ideal for relaxation.

Outdoor lighting, landscaping, and pergolas can express personality and style in your outdoor space.

A welcoming entertaining space can be created through additions such as custom luxury pergolas, beautifully-manicured landscaping, and dramatic lighting. Our team can create a design, suitable year-round and night or day, which will increase your enjoyment of your outdoor space for the years to come.

J&M Pool Company is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and superior work, from the first visit at your home to the final steps in construction. This level of dedication and service is at the core of our company, and is the essence of the J&M difference.

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