Weekly Maintenance

Keeping your pool clean and enjoyable

Weekly Maintenance Senoia, GA

Whether by normal wear and tear or weather, a pool can become littered with leaves and debris. Not only does an unclean pool look undesirably, but it also can become unsafe for your family. When chemicals are not balanced properly or trash contaminates the water, your pool is no longer the enjoyable space it should be. With our weekly maintenance plans, your pool will be kept at optimal chemical levels and ideal cleanliness.

The Weekly Maintenance Process:

Clean the pool's surface of debris with a net.

Brush the pool's surface thoroughly.

Vacuum all debris from the pool.

Clean the pump and skimmer baskets.

Examine the filter pressure to see if backwashing or cartridge replacement is needed.

Perform tests to determine pH and chlorine levels and the alkalinity of your pool water.

Benefits of Weekly Maintenance:

  • Your pool remains pristine year-round.
  • The pool is cleaned professionally.
  • Your valuable time is not spent on pool cleaning.
  • We update you weekly with completed work and the plan for the following week.
  • We create a scaled 3D rendition prior to excavation and no changes are made without your consent.
  • The chemical levels are always properly balanced.
  • Your pool's lifespan is maximized.

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