The importance of keeping your pool clean and balanced is something that cannot be understated. Modern-day pool cleaners make this an easy task. At J&M, we recommend two different types of cleaners to our clients: pressure-side cleaners and robotic cleaners. These cleaners offer innovative features and highly engineered designs to ensure an intuitive customer experience. Let’s review some of the differences and features of today’s most popular cleaners on the market.

Pressure Side Cleaners

Pressure side cleaners attach to the return side of your pool’s circulation system. These cleaners connect to your pool’s dedicated pressure line or return outlet. These cleaners use water pressure from a booster pump to drive the cleaner around the pool, creating suction and collecting debris into a filter or filter bag.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Unlike pressure side cleaners, robotic pool cleaners are not connected to your pool equipment in any way. Robotic cleaners are powered using low voltage, making them safe to use in water.. These cleaners have an electric motor that creates suction to remove dirt and debris from the pool. Most models use a rotating brush to help loosen the more stubborn debris, such as algae.

So which type of cleaner is right for you? Let’s look at some pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Pressure side cleaners are less expensive than robotic cleaners and are generally easier to maintain. They’re great at picking up medium and heavy debris. One small downside to these cleaners, however, is that the booster pumps needed to run them do create added electricity costs.

Robotic cleaners are much more energy efficient than pressure-side cleaners and do not put wear and tear on your pool equipment; however, they are the most expensive type of cleaners on the market. Robotic cleaners are the most effective cleaner for climbing and cleaning walls and waterlines.

J&M Pool Company is here to help you decide which type of cleaner is right for you. We will help determine which type of cleaner fits your needs and help you pick a specific model from one of the top manufacturers on the market. Contact us today or visit our new retail shop opening soon in Peachtree City, Georgia, to assist with all your pool needs!