There are many decisions that must be made when designing and building a pool. When it comes to pool construction, it can be cost-prohibitive to add certain features after the pool is complete. Let’s look at the most common features pool owners regret not adding during the design and construction phase.


A built-in spa is perhaps one of the largest items many pool owners tend to regret not getting. A heated spa provides year-round enjoyment of your outdoor space. Many opt for no spa due to the additional expense but remember that adding one later will be significantly more expensive. The beauty and seamlessness of a built-in spa cannot be matched by a standalone above-ground spa. Ask yourself, is a spa something I will want in the future at any point? If the answer is yes, you should strongly consider adding one to your new build.


A few other options that can prove to be very difficult to add after the initial build are in-pool benches and lights. Benches add comfort and create a social appeal to the pool. The interior lights of a pool are important since improper placement can lead to dark areas at night. The most common regret with lights is not adding light to tanning ledges. It will be extremely dark at night without a light on the ledge. Carefully consider the number of lights and light placement when working with our design team during the planning phase.


Those with young children may regret not adding features to provide entertainment. This could be a slide, a diving board, or even a diving rock or wall to jump from. These features will bring hours of enjoyment to children and should be considered by anyone whose primary reason for building is their children’s enjoyment.


The size of the pool deck often proves to be an issue after installation. Many people regret not adding more deck space during their build. Once they set up their outdoor furniture, they often realize they should have added more deck space. To avoid this mistake, it is best to always add more decking when in doubt. This can be done after the pool is finished, but depending on the material and the color, the added decking will often not match the original deck. 


One decision that can lead to headaches for homeowners, but isn’t exactly pool related, is the landscaping surrounding the pool. For many, finding and hiring a landscaping company after the pool is completed has proven daunting. To minimize stress, we encourage clients to consider us for their landscaping needs rather than hiring an additional company. Allowing J&M to tackle your landscape design has many benefits. Our professional design team will create beautiful and accurate 3D-renders, ensuring you know exactly what the finished product will look like. We plan landscaping installation so as to minimize impact, ensuring there is little time between pool completion and ground cover installation. 

Although all the features mentioned above can be added post-build, our sales team and our designers are here to help you make these important decisions on the front end of your projet.. Reach out to us today to discuss these options for your new build or remodel.