pool chemical inspectionWhen a pool is not being used, it is easy to overlook the importance of balanced water and avoiding corrosion. Statistically, most damage to pools actually occurs in winter or when the pool is being filled up for the start of the season. Damaged plaster is part of it, but vital components of your pool equipment could have become corroded. Cold water is more likely to encourage corrosion and etching. At J&M Pool Company, we want to help you understand your water chemistry and how to best take care of your pool in every season. The last thing any pool owner wants is an expensive and inconvenient repair right when the swimming season should be starting.

First off, you must be aware of LSI. LSI or Langelier Saturation Index accounts for your pool’s water temperature, alkalinity, calcium hardness, TDS, and stabilizers when it measures the saturation of Calcium Carbonate. Having the right balance is key to preventing damage. Because calcium is more soluble within cold water, your pool’s LSI is lower in the wintertime, which makes your water more likely to corrode and etch. When your pool is heated up for the swimming season, your pool could be covered in “winter dust,” which is calcium pulled from your pool’s walls. The only reason your pool pulled the calcium crystals is because your water recognized the lower LSI and tried to find a balance on its own. Instead of allowing your pool to become damaged by water trying to balance itself, the LSI allows us to determine the right amount of calcium, usually over 400 ppm, needed in winter to keep your water from becoming corrosive.

pool inspection servicesIf you want to maximize your investment in your pool, you need to consider the LSI year-round. Just because your pool is closed does not mean that the pool does not have needs to be considered. Whether you choose to test your LSI regularly for yourself or you leave it up to our professionals at J&M Pool Company, make balancing your water a priority to preserve your investment in your pool and prevent limiting your swimming season with repairs from etching and corrosion. If you need help managing your water balance and monitoring your LSI, contact J&M Pool Company today. We offer extensive winter maintenance and pool closing services!

"Bob has been great at checking our pool and repairing any equipment issues. Scheduling a service call is easy and quick through the J&M office and any problems are fully resolved. I also appreciate Bob making himself available for a quick question or tutorial via the phone…very helpful and courteous!."

Patrick Dedoyard