Our world runs on technology, and pools are no exception. The most recent pool tech upgrades can dramatically improve your efficiency, as well as the enjoyment of your pool. The team at J&M Pool Company takes pride in staying up to date with the latest technology available. We want to help you save money and optimize your pool experience.

Variable Speed Pump—The single speed pool pump is becoming a thing of the past more and more each day. As of this year, when your single speed pool pump fails, you are required to implement a variable speed pump. This decision was made by the Department of Energy to improve efficiency. Even if your single speed pool pump has not died yet, we would recommend going ahead and upgrading based upon the long list of benefits. Saving energy means saving money. You may be surprised how much you will save by upgrading to a variable speed pump. Some pool owners have paid off their new pump in a few years with just their energy savings. An upgraded filter will also deliver improved filtration. Cleaner water will be good for your family and for the longevity of your other pool features.

Robotic Pool CleanerPool maintenance is the only downside of having a pool. You can enjoy your pool without the hassle of constantly cleaning it when you invest in a robotic pool cleaner. They are designed to map out your pool and clean the entire surface thoroughly. Unlike the traditional models that had to be connected into your pool’s filtration that would get tangled or caught in certain spots, robotic pool cleaners have their own filters and do not have to be connected with your pool’s systems. You can trust your robotic pool cleaner to get the job without being checked up on. They are also very energy efficient, cleaning your pool in less time than a traditional model. Best of all, robotic pool cleaners are simple to use even if you are not very tech savvy. Invest in a robotic pool cleaner and go back to enjoying your weekends in the pool instead of doing tedious maintenance.

Automated Pool System—There are so many benefits to upgrading to an automated pool system, but probably the strongest one would be your long-term savings. Think about the value of a programmable thermostat in your home. The ability to program prevents you from wasting energy and money when you are not home. An automated pool system has similar benefits in that you can limit wasted energy and money on your pool. If you are not using the pool, why should you waste resources on heating, lighting, and filtration! Also, automated systems will make sure that your chemicals remain properly balanced so you will not be overspending on chemicals either.

If you are ready to invest in some pool tech upgrades, reach out to J&M Pool Company. We can help you optimize your pool for greater savings and enjoyment.