From the cost of construction materials to meat prices, nearly every industry has been impacted by shortages and inflated costs in the past year. The pool industry has been touched by the price increases as well. J&M Pool Company wants to help you understand the chemical price increases and how to save money without compromising the cleanliness of your pool. 

What happened with Pool Chemical Prices in 2021?

2021 saw the highest single year increase in chemical pricing that has ever been experienced by the pool industry. This increase was due to rising demand, increased shipping cost, supply chain issues, and the largest chlorine manufacturing plant in the United States burning down.  This perfect storm led to pool chemical prices doubling and in some cases tripling in price.   Even at these highly inflated rates, chemicals at the manufacturing, distribution, and pool store level were selling out.  As a pool owner, you had a choice. 1) Overpay for pool chemicals 2) Neglect your pool for the season and allow it to turn green. Take a look below at the Fayette and Coweta County average rates for pool chemicals. 

** Pricing reflects the average chemical price of 8 local pool stores in Coweta and Fayette County

Are we expecting Pool Chemicals to increase in price in 2022?

As you can see from the chart above, chemical pricing is expected to increase another 25% in 2022. Some items will experience lower percentage increases, while others will experience higher. Across the board, you can expect all prices to go up. The reason for this is the continued increase in shipping prices, sanitizer demand, and number of swimming pools being built nationwide furthering the already dwindling supply.  

How can J&M help?

Pool Maintenance

J&M offers a chemicals included maintenance rate to ensure your pool has perfect chemistry and stays in tip top shape year-round. This service not only keeps the pool looking great, but also helps prolong the life of your pool surface, decking, and equipment.  

How are we able to keep our chemical pricing down?

J&M is part of a national buyers group that allows us to get extremely competitive chemical pricing in bulk quantities.  Due to the relationships we have built over the years, we can guarantee our current rate through the 2022 season. J&M plans ahead, so we already placed our orders for the 2022 season and are fully stocked and ready to serve our clients. With the chemical pricing continuing to rise and pool supplies being limited, we expect extremely high demand this season and we are prepared for it. 

How do we lock in our price for J&M 2022 Summer Maintenance?

Planning ahead is crucial. Our maintenance routes are expected to max out as they do every season. For this reason, we are offering a promotion to our existing clients first. This promotion allows you to lock in your rate for the 2022 Season and reserve your spot.

Once the routes are full, interested clients will be put on a waiting list and will be subject to possible rate changes. If you are interested in our pool maintenance services, connect with us today.

For more information on our maintenance services, check out our video: How to Maintain and Service a Swimming Pool


Equipment Upgrades

With the advancement of technology, there are upgrades to reduce the need for chemicals. These advancements are all associated with filtration, circulation,and advanced oxidation methods that dramatically reduce the need for chlorine.  

  • Filtration

Upgrading to a cartridge filter or swapping out your sand with glass media allows for enhanced filtration and reduces chlorine demand. DE filters being properly cleaned on a quarterly basis also reduces the demand for chlorine.

  • Circulation

Moving to a variable speed pump and running at a lower speed 24/7 allows for longer filtration times. Longer filtration leads to enhanced circulation and an increased number of turnovers, which is the time it takes for all water to go through the filter. Due to the technology behind VSP pumps, the cost to run these pumps 24/7 is less than running a standard pump 8 hrs a day.  

  • Sanitation

Salt systems are one method of continual chlorine production using salt, which dramatically reduces the need for chlorine tablets and/or granular shock. However with the price of salt continuously increasing, salt systems are getting more and more expensive to operate as well.  Another option is advanced oxidation through ozone or free radicals. J&M Pool Company offers a number of ozone systems to fit every application to reduce the need for chlorine and shock without the need of having salt in the pool.  

  • Combination of all the above

When a system is plumbed properly with proper hydraulics and the most advanced equipment on the market, the need for chemical demand is greatly reduced. Ultimately, your family will achieve a healthier and lower chemical cost swimming experience. J&M has a team of experts that can offer solutions to any equipment pad.  

If you would like an expert analysis of your existing equipment and what moves you can make to improve, please contact us today!