Revitalizing your concrete pool

Concrete Pool Renovations Senoia, GA

A concrete pool is a long-lasting investment which can enhance your enjoyment of your home as well as add value to your property as a whole. Known for their durability, concrete pools are an in-ground pool choice which will stay with your family throughout the years. Even with the sturdiness of concrete, whether from inclement weather, wear and tear, or lack of maintenance, it can become worn and dated over time.

When your concrete pool is in need of renovation, the team at J&M Pool Company will complete the project with excellence.

How can choosing J&M Pool Company improve your pool:

We maintain and adhere to high standards.

For every renovation project, we always have all the appropriate permits and licensing. Safety for your family and our associates is of the utmost priority. Every project will follow strict guidelines to ensure the pool is completed properly.

Throughout the project, photo and written documentation will be completed at every phase to guarantee the pool meets every expectation and standard.

We integrate high-quality tile.

With extensive options for customization in pattern, style, and color, tile work can completely upgrade the look of your pool. Tile work can enhance the beauty of your outdoor decor as a whole as well as make your water look more inviting and tranquil.

We re-plaster your pool for long-lasting enjoyment.

Over time, the pool finish can delaminate, become rough, or faded as well as compromise the overall integrity and appearance of your pool. Our team of professionals can re-coat pool finishes from white plaster to pebble brilliance to meet your aesthetic and budget needs.

We improve the area surrounding your pool.

The surface around your pool is as important as what is within. Not only are your bare feet walking around on it, but the exterior of your pool is the first feature seen. This first impression of your pool may determine whether your visitors want to experience your pool at all. Whether you envision custom decorative concrete, travertine, or pavers, we can create a pool exterior to impress.

We create custom water features.

Your pool is an oasis to experience regularly so maximize your enjoyment through water feature upgrades. Whether a simple waterfall or an elaborate fountain, our team can implement your vision.

We revamp your pool's equipment.

Since concrete pools are a long-lasting pool, the original equipment supporting the pool might be outdated or malfunctioning. From led lighting, energy efficient products, wi-fi controls, and the healthiest forms of sanitation the industry offers, we offer cutting-edge upgrades which improve your pool, your health, and your budget. Our associates can replace the existing equipment with the upgraded support your pool needs to thrive for the years to come.

We prioritize making your experience positive.

Throughout the renovation process, our team members will make sure you are informed and comfortable. Providing photos and documentation of the process, you will have a clear picture of your renovation both in the present and for safekeeping. Any questions and concerns will always be addressed promptly and candidly.

J&M Pool Company is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and superior work, from the first visit at your home to the final steps in construction. This level of dedication and service is at the core of our company, and is the essence of the J&M difference.

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