Thinking long-term is vitally important when choosing a pool company. Your pool company should be guiding you through proper pool ownership, not just a one-time installation. When selecting a pool company, the following considerations should be prioritized:

  • Attentive to Latest Pool Trends and Technologies—Whether making you aware of an energy efficient pump which could save money or a quad de micron trapping filter which promotes the health of your family, your pool company should be your inside source. Your pool service should desire to educate you on all available opportunities and technologies to maximize your investment and enjoyment in your pool.
  • Prioritizes Your Family and Your Pool—Owning a pool should never be a stressful ordeal. With a responsive pool service, any concern you may have is addressed appropriately and efficiently. Whenever an estimate is needed, timeliness is always considered. Your pool service should always perform quality work and offer solutions which benefit you. Throughout all encounters with your pool company, you should receive friendly and informative service which helps make pool ownership enjoyable.
  • Boasts a Quality and Informed Staff—Whether performing an installation or a cleaning, your pool company should always be committed to excellence. Meticulous screening and constant improvement of employees should be a high priority to the company. A company which understands the seasons and ever-changing weather within Georgia is important for maximizing your pool usage.

With ten years of experience opening and maintaining pools in Fayette and Coweta County, J&M Pool Company has the expertise and credentials to guide you and ensure that pool ownership is enjoyable, not stressful. When you need a quality pool service, J&M Pool Company is ready to be your support and expert in the pool industry.

"I am very happy with the service I have received from J&M Pools. Ryan and Arturo were here a few days ago to open the pool. They were very helpful in assessing some issues I was having with the pool. Craig and Matt were here today for the regular maintenance and they were thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. I definitely recommend J&M Pools."

Robbie Cartwright