Pool safety covers are a simple way to save time, money, energy, and lives. Through using a pool cover, you can maximize the enjoyment of your pool while minimizing many of the concerns which come with having a pool. Consider the following reasons for investing in a pool cover today:

  1. Improve Your Safety—The safety of your family is of the highest importance. Covers can help prevent accidents, which is especially important for families with young children or pets. The pool cover stretches tightly across the pool and locking into place, so your kids and animals remain safe.
  2. Save Your Water—Having to constantly refill your pool is inconvenient and expensive. A pool cover prevents water loss due to evaporation from heat or sun and excessive wind. When you cover your pool, you can preserve your water, energy, and money.
  3. Minimize the Impact of Algae—Algae buildup can be a mess to handle before your pool can be opened for the swimming season. Combining proper chemical balance with a good cover can combat algae growth significantly.
  4. Save Your Efforts—A properly installed pool cover will prevent debris from getting into your pool. Without a cover, you will have a significant cleanup on your hands before your pool can be used again. Covering the pool minimizes the necessary maintenance to have your pool ready for swimming season.
  5. Enhance Your Pool’s Appearance—Safety covers are now available in a variety of styles and colors to fit your outdoor decor. They have a sleek and professional finish when installed properly.
  6. Save Your Energy—Since covers prevent evaporation, you will not have to increase your energy bills refilling your pool constantly. Additionally, pool covers save energy through holding in the water’s heat. According to the Department of Energy, pool covers greatly impact your energy efficiency. Be kind to your budget and your pool—get the pool cover.


Although there are many varieties of pool covers, the team at J&M Pool Company recommends Loop-Loc pool covers. Explore the many benefits of these covers below:

  • Able to Block 100% of Sunlight
  • Fast Draining
  • Custom-Fit to Your Pool
  • A 15 Year Pro-Rated Warranty
  • Lighter Than Traditional Vinyl
  • Remains Secure Regardless of Weather
  • Comes in Several Discreet Color Choices to Blend with Your Outdoor Decor
  • Low Maintenance

If you are interested in a pool cover, contact J&M Pool Company now! We will send a professional to consult with you about the best pool cover to suit your needs.


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