Safety Covers

Keeping Your Pool Safe

Pool Safety Covers Senoia, GA

The importance of a pool cover cannot be overstated. Whether your family has small children or pets, a pool cover can give you peace of mind that your loved ones will stay safe. Additionally, a pool cover minimizes your pool maintenance. Saving time, money, and lives are all great reasons to have a pool cover. The team at J&M Pool Company can help you find the ideal pool cover to fit your needs and suit your style at the same time. If you are interested in learning more about pool cover possibilities, schedule a consultation with one of our pool professionals today!

Benefits of Pool Covers

Improved Safety

With a proper pool cover, no person or animal will be able to fall through. A safety pool cover will give you peace of mind about having a pool.

Water Conservation

When your pool is covered, you will minimize water loss through evaporation. Saving water also means saving money.

Algae Prevention

If algae builds up in your pool, you will have a major clean up before your pool is ready for swimming season. Your pool can be less hospitable for algae with a properly secured cover and the right balance of chemicals.

Minimized Maintenance

A pool cover prevents a considerable amount of debris from getting into your pool. Your pool will not require a serious clean up before opening when a cover does its job.

Improved Appearance

Pool covers are not purely functional anymore. There are many attractive options available which will enhance your outdoor entertaining style when your pool is not in use.

Energy Conservation

In addition to minimizing refilling from evaporation, a pool cover also helps trap heat and keep your pool comfortable. Basically, you can save energy on heating your pool and filling your pool.

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