Pool Leak Detection

in Senoia, GA

Pool Leak Detection in Senoia, GA

Pools provide a fun and relaxing way to find relief from the summer heat and enjoy the outdoors. However, an inground pool can develop leaks over time that can cause all sorts of
problems. The right professional can quickly inspect and fix a leaking pool. At J&M Pool Company in Senoia, GA, our pool leak repair experts use the latest technology for the detection of the smallest and most difficult-to-find leaks, including leaking light niches, in dive pools, concrete pools, and fiberglass pools, so we can make the needed repairs.

The Importance of Leaky Pool Repair

Pool leaks can damage pool equipment, increase water bills, and potentially weaken the pool structure. For these reasons, it is important to determine if your pool has a leak.

Sometimes it may be difficult to determine if a pool has a leak, particularly in hot climates with high evaporation levels. However, if you suspect you have a pool leak, let our pool leak detection professionals run a check on your dive pools, concrete pools, and fiberglass pools to confirm one way or the other.

Our Pool Leak Detection Services

Leaks can form in various locations throughout your pool, including around the light conduits, pump, filter, liner, skimmer seal, underground plumbing, or the structure itself. Our pool technicians use special techniques to find the location and source of the leak. From this assessment, we’ll provide you with an estimate before performing the necessary pool leak or leaking light niche repairs, so you can enjoy your pool with the confidence that it is functioning properly.

Get Pool Leak Detection Near Me

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