As a homeowner, you know the value of pest control for your home. Starting off your day fighting the ants in your kitchen is inconvenient and frustrating. Termites are even more damaging around your house. You may not be aware of this, but these pests are really problematic for your pool too. Whenever you are preparing for your regular pest control for your home, do not overlook your pool. With over 100 years of combined experience, the team at J&M Pool Company have witnessed firsthand how a pool can be negatively impacted when these pests are allowed at your pool party:

  • Ants—Most people would expect ants to be a problem around your food on a picnic, but they are surprisingly damaging to pools. Ants are drawn to water. In their efforts to get a sip, they have been known to tunnel under vinyl pool liners, clog filters and the pump, damage your pool liner through leaving soil, and chew through electrical wiring. Although they seem small and minor, ants can create big problems for your pool.
  • Termites—Similar to ants, termites will burrow under your pool liner to try and reach the water. This process will leave tiny holes in your liner, which will likely cause your liner to fail sooner than expected. Even if you have not noticed any termites, the small holes may be there. A pest control professional will be able to look for termites and recommend a course of action to remedy the problem quickly.

If you have a pool and have not lined up an exterminator yet, please consider scheduling one right away. Our team at J&M Pool Company wants you to get maximum enjoyment out of your pool. Pests should not be allowed to eat away at your investment. Although some people try to treat pests DIY style, making sure your pool is protected is a job for the professionals. They will use the most effective methods which are still safe for your family and pets.

If you need help finding a quality exterminator, we would be happy to offer recommendations. If your pool liner has already been compromised by pests, we can work in collaboration with your exterminator to make sure the area below your liner is sprayed for best prevention. Protect your pool so you can enjoy it to the fullest!