In light of hurricane Dorian, here’s some tips to make sure you and your swimming pool are prepared for the storm.

Closed Pools

Make sure cover is tight, anchored, and cover pump is functioning properly.

Open Pools

Step 1: Make sure water levels are adequate in swimming pool

Do not make the mistake of draining water down (Water should be halfway up the skimmer face). The water weight in the swimming pool keeps pressure downward and against the walls keeping everything in place. Heavy rains raise the local water tables causing hydro-static pressure to increase on the outside of the pool. This can lead to floating liners, wall failure, and pool pops. Don’t let this happen to you! Very rarely do we get calls for any significant damage to a pool for having too much water in it. Let it flow until after the storm and drain down once water tables have balanced back to normal levels.

Step 2: Cut off power to pool equipment

Cut off power to the pool during the storm. With heavy debris entering the pool, it is very likely that your drains and skimmers will clog up. You do not want to have to go out to the pool to empty skimmers and scoop debris during a hurricane. This will also help prevent potentially dangerous electrical issues.

Step 3: Remove any loose items from pool deck

Any items that could potentially take flight during a hurricane should be stored or anchored down. High winds can cause items such as umbrellas and chairs to turn into projectiles.

Step 4: Increase chlorine levels

With the levels of debris in the swimming pool and amount of rain water that will be added it is a good idea to spike chlorine levels. Even though you will always have to balance chemistry after severe weather, balancing prior will save you a lot of work after the weather has subsided.

Step 5: Stay safe

No pool issue is worth putting yourself in harms way during high winds and electrical storms. Stay inside and stay safe.

Step 6: Inspection and repair

After the rains and winds have stopped do a visual inspection on the pool. Remove debris and turn on the pool equipment. In the event damage is found, reach out to J&M Pool Company and we will work directly with your insurance company to make sure you receive the proper estimates for repair.


"They’ve done a good job over the last 2.5 years keeping our pool clean & looking good. Rich & Heather have always taken good care of us!"

Mike Harrison