Your in-ground pool liner is the unsung hero of your pool. With the strength to endure exposure to chemicals, the impact of weather, and the weight of many gallons of water, your liner is quite tough. Eventually the liner will become damaged and need replacement. The most common ways a liner becomes damaged include:

  • Age—The average pool liner lasts 6-12 years. If your liner is significantly older than this, it may be wise to replace it before a leak occurs.
  • Hot and Cold—Since your pool liner is exposed to temperature extremes, it will contract and expand. Eventually, the constant battle with the hot and cold can lead to weak spots in your liner.
  • Dogs—Our furry friends need to beat the heat as well so make sure their toenails are trimmed before they take a dip. Unkept toenails can easily tear the liner.
  • Storms—Stormy weather can cause branches and debris to fall in your pool, scratching and damaging the liner.
  • Lawnmowers—If your lawnmower launches some sort of rock or shrapnel, it can damage the pool liner if spun into the pool.
  • Chlorine Overload—Proper chlorine levels in a pool for cleanliness can be good, but chlorine is only good in moderation. Heightened levels can start eating through your liner.
  • Sun—Beyond fading the appearance of your liner, the harsh UV rays of the sun can cause the exposed part of your liner above the water to become brittle and weak overtime.

When choosing your new liner, consider these factors:

  • Vinyl Composition—Vinyl which has not been combined with any other materials will contract better than a vinyl composite. If you choose brand new vinyl straight from the factory, you are more likely to have a long-lasting liner.
  • Thickness—Pool liner thickness is measured in mils. A mil equates to one thousandth of an inch. Thicker does not always equal better depending on the material, but thickness can impact durability so it is important to factor in.
  • Warranties—Most pool liners come with warranties, some even saying they cover 20-30 years. Unfortunately, reading the fine print is crucial. If a product with a 20-year warranty is much more costly, make sure that the exceptions for the warranty balance out the price tag.

When your liner needs to be replaced, the team at J&M Pool Company can help. We will offer honest solutions which fit your needs and restore your pool for maximized enjoyment in the years to come.


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