Every pool finish has positives and negatives, but a rough pool surface is a noticeable downside for your feet. Instead of stocking up on band-aids, pool shoes, and lotion, perhaps your pool needs a new finish. At J&M Pool Company, we want to help you maximize the enjoyment of your pool by finding the right finish. Your pool’s finish should beautifully accent your outdoor decorative style, while preserving your feet. If your pool is due for a new finish, consider the following options we offer from Pebbletec for refinishing your concrete pool:

Pebble Tec Blue Wave

  • PebbleTec The Original—This aggregate finish combines a beautiful aesthetic with a durable design and safe non-slip surface. The Original finish utilizes the largest pebbles to achieve a natural earthy appearance. There are a variety of color choices available to fit your outdoor decor and style. Your choice of pebbles will even impact the color your water appears. Whether you desire a deep dark color, a bright blue, or something to mimic the natural hue of the ocean, we have the ideal PebbleTec finish to achieve the desired shade.
  • PebbleSheen—Still delivering non-slip stability and durability, PebbleSheen has a sleek and upscale appearance by utilizing smaller pebbles. The end-result is a smooth finish which feels great on your feet. Like the Original, Sheen is available in a spectrum of colors to suit your taste. Your color choice will impact the water’s shade as well.
  • PebbleFina—Composed of the tiniest pebbles, PebbleFina is the smoothest aggregate finish possible. This finish also promises great durability. PebbleFina is a subtly beautiful finish which is available in a variety of colors. The pool water’s appearance will still be influenced even with the more understated coloration. PebbleFina could be a great choice for your pool if super smooth feel and low-key elegance are your goals.
  • PebbleBrilliance—Combining glass beads and natural stone aggregate, PebbleBrilliance is vibrantly colored and uniquely textured. This finish is vivid and bold, while still staying true to the PebbleTec standards of durability. As a result of the bright colors available, you can achieve intense water color appearances as well.

In addition to selecting from the types of PebbleTec above, you can also choose to customize your finish through our enhancements: Shimmering Sea, Luminous, and Finishing Touches.Blue Wave Depth Chart

  • Shimmering Sea—Capture the glittering splendor of the ocean through adding an organic combination of abalone and mother of pearl shells to your finish. Some of our PebbleFina varieties already have this sparkly material included, but it can also be added to PebbleSheen and the Original PebbleTec.
  • Luminous—Using colored glass beads, your pool can have a natural glisten to it. We have Emerald, Blue, and Jade mixtures available to add to your PebbleSheen or the Original PebbleTec finishes.
  • Finishing Touches—Your pool finish can be complimented beautifully with Finishing Touches glass tiles. A beautiful tile around the waterline or as an accent can take your pool’s color scheme to the next level. We have a variety of color choices to coordinate with any PebbleTec finish you choose.

If you are unsure of which finish would be ideal for your pool, we would be happy to answer your questions. Schedule a consultation with J&M Pool Company today!

"Words can’t express how thrilled I am with my beautiful pool that was designed and installed by J&M Pools. It was a lifetime dream of mine to own a pool and I watch it become a reality…"

Jan Hand