Many people dream of a pool but think their backyard needs to be bigger. While this may be true for a traditional-sized pool (i.e., 18×36 or 20×40), almost all backyard areas can accommodate a plunge pool. 

So, what is a plunge pool? 

Generally, a plunge pool is less than 20 feet long and less than 10 feet wide. The depth of plunge pools varies, but most are the same depth for the entire length of the pool. At J&M Pool Company, we make our plunge pools out of concrete or fiberglass, with vinyl as another option. 

Plunge pool design options are as varied as those of standard-sized pools. These smaller pools can add many high-end features, such as water features and all-tile interiors. Premium material for coping and decking can also be incorporated to create the exact aesthetic the homeowner desires. People often add spa and swim jets to plunge pools for added health benefits, and a heater can turn a small pool into a luxurious wintertime spa. Remember, just because a pool is small does not mean it cannot have that “wow” factor! 

Many homeowners consider plunge pools even if they have room for a larger pool. Why? Because plunge pools can fit almost anywhere on one’s property! They free up valuable space so homeowners can add the outdoor kitchen, pergola, or fire pit they’ve always dreamt of.

Plunge pools are perfect for aquatic rehabilitation, physical exercise, fun family time, and making great memories. One of the greatest benefits of a plunge pool is the lower maintenance requirement. With less surface area and water comes less chemical use. Plunge pools are easier to clean, maintain, and balance than traditional pools and often come at a lower installation cost. 

If you think a plunge pool may fit your family’s needs, contact J&M Pool Company today. Our highly-trained professional designers will happily help you bring your backyard dreams to life.