Liner Replacement

Restoring your vinyl pool's appearance and function

Pool Liner Replacement Senoia, GA

One of the many great aspects of a vinyl liner swimming pool is the ability to give your pool a brand new look at the fraction of the cost of a concrete pool. Over time, vinyl pool liners will become damaged or faded due to the impact of uv damage, chemical ware, and usage. When your liner needs a replacement, the J&M Pool Company team can install a new liner quickly and properly. With a variety of patterns, textures, colors, and shapes available, your new liner can be customized to fit your pool and complement your outdoor decor.

The Process:

Choosing Your Pattern

J&M offers over 45 different patterns. We work with the top manufacturers in the nation (Loop Loc & Kafko) allowing you to find the right liner to suit your budget and style.

Proper Measurements

Our team triangulates all pool liners to ensure the perfect fit. With our experienced staff and strong manufacture relationships we can guarantee a fit that will increase the longevity of your swimming pool liner.

Built To Code

All work performed by J&M will meet federal pool standards as we pride ourselves in staying up to date with all swimming pool codes and enforcements. This includes making sure all vinyl pools have dual drains for anti-entrapment reasons. This will be required and quoted on every job.

Prepare the Pool Bottom

All liner replacements include up to 250 lbs of portland/sand repairs. However, due to poor installs, some liners need a new pool bottom. With our construction experience and crews we can build you pool bottom just as we would a new build. This ensures a smoother more solid bottom that increases the longevity of the pool liner

Liner Installation Prep

A little preparation goes a long way. All plastic housing is inspected for cracks prior to liner installation (this includes maindrains, skimmers, light housings). This prevents unknown leaks to arise after installation. We also always recommend pressure testing the plumbing lines to ensure underground piping leaks are found prior to install.

Liner Installation

In order to ensure a leak free pool, our crews replace all gaskets and hardware in the swimming pool. We implement your liner carefully to ensure all wrinkles and bumps are removed prior to fill. We utilize a vacuum system with top of the line gear to ensure a tighter, stronger fit. Once the liner is thoroughly sealed, we can refill your pool.

Pool Chemistry

With a new liner in place, our maintenance and service crews will properly balance your pool chemistry with 4 weeks of pool maintenance and ensure all equipment is working properly. The proper application of chemicals prevents chemical burn and enhances the longevity of the liner.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Pool

By choosing our professional services, you can feel confident that the job was completed properly. J&M Pool Company will hold all warranty information and make sure that you have proper documentation of our professional installation. If any problems arise we will be responsive and work directly with the manufacture to quickly get to a resolution.

J&M Pool Company is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and superior work, from the first visit at your home to the final steps in construction. This level of dedication and service is at the core of our company, and is the essence of the J&M difference.

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