Many pool upgrades require dramatic renovation processes, which could lead to your pool being out of use for a time. Pavers greatly improve the appearance and function of your pool area without requiring the pool interior to be updated. At J&M Pool Company, we offer a wide variety of quality pavers in different colors and styles to fit your outdoor entertaining space. If you are considering pavers, explore the following benefits:

  • Upgraded Appearance—Tremron pavers are a great solution when your old pool decking material is showing cracks or wear and tear. With a spectrum of patterns and colors available, we can help you find a paver selection which will be timelessly classic and contemporary at the same time. Pavers are resistant to cracking and staining so your pool deck will remain attractive long-term.
  • Simple Installation—Our quality pavers can be overlaid atop your concrete pool deck, even if your existing deck is cracked or damaged. This process allows for your renovation to take place without impacting your pool’s interior.
  • Easy Maintenance—Pavers remain impressive looking with minimal cleaning. Occasionally sweeping and cleaning with soap and water will be all that is necessary. Since they are coated with a sealant, the surface is unlikely to stain or crack. If a paver does become damaged, a single paver can be replaced instead of having to redo an entire pool deck.
  • Reasonably Price—With pavers, the result is high-end and impressive without the expensive price tag involved with so many pool upgrades. If you are considering pavers for your pool deck, schedule a consultation with one of our professionals to see the options available and get an estimate. In addition to the benefit of the reduced cost in comparison to many other upgrades, pavers can increase your home value.
  • Exceptional Comfort—Many pool deck materials can get very warm in the summer months. Pavers remain cool even in the Georgia heat. Additionally, they have a smooth finish which will not scratch your family’s bare feet. With pavers, you can kick off your shoes and enjoy your pool experience to the fullest.

If your pool deck needs an upgrade, call J&M Pool Company to schedule a consultation. Your outdoor space can be dramatically transformed through using Tremron pavers.