It’s Time to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Equipment!

Improve the water quality, clarity, and overall health of your swimming pool with these simple, effective, and long-term upgrades.  


The brains of your equipment (Automation)

This allows you to control any pool equipment with an app and wifi connection. It is always a great place to start when upgrading pool equipment because all future upgrades will link up to your new smart brain (Automation). Items that can be added and controlled from this include variable speed pumps, led multicolor lights, electric heat/cool units, gas heaters, salt systems, cleaners, blowers, and any other item you may wish to add to control your backyard elements.  With the advancement in technology, these can be installed as new units or as an upgrade to your existing unit.

Salt System / Ozone System 

A functioning salt system or an advanced oxidation ozone system allows for clear & soft water that not only feels great on the skin but also helps prevent downtime due to algae blooms. With the salt system, the main benefit results from the chlorine being produced from what is already in the water. This minimizes chlorine spikes and drops. Automation allows chlorine output controls that can be properly dialed in to maintain perfect chlorine levels.  This creates a softer water feel and enhanced water clarity.  Ozone systems are great for applications where salt is not ideal due to many natural stone elements or when chlorine levels need to be kept to a minimum due to health reasons. 

More info on salt and ozone is listed below


Cartridge Filters w/ Quarterly Services

After caring for pools in Georgia for over 12 years we have tried every type of filter. By far we have had the most success with the least amount of downtime with Cartridge Filters. The reason for this is cartridges capture such a small micron and don’t require the hassle of dealing with a multiport that has a high failure rate. It also doesn’t require handling the harmful powders associated with DE filters. The only issue with a cartridge filter is that it needs to be opened up and cleaned every three months. The great thing about this is that J&M will provide this service with your total equipment inspection every quarter.  This ensures that cartridges are clean for the next 3 months, automation is up to date, the salt cell is cleaned, and all equipment is functioning properly. What does this help prevent? Surprises. This combination has dramatically increased the lifespan of pool equipment for our clients and has created a more satisfactory swimming experience due to enhanced filtration leading to a healthier swimming pool environment.–1

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps have a number of advantages that improve water quality. Due to the advancement in technology, you will be able to run your pool at a low speed for longer hours which increases turnover (time required to filter all pool water). By filtering at a lower speed the quality of filtration is much better. Think of a pressure washer going through a filter – it doesn’t catch much, and the filtration rate is much higher at lower speeds. The other major benefit outside filtration improvement is the low cost of running VSP pumps. The savings on your eclectic bill will usually pay off the pump in 1 to 2 years.  


Pool Cleaner

We’ve been doing this long enough to know what pool cleaner works best for your swimming pool. J&M’s Polaris specialists will not only make sure that you have the right cleaner for your pool but also make sure the hoses are sized properly so that you have maximum cleaning power. These cleaners when installed properly will dramatically increase pool circulation while picking up the debris that makes its way into the swimming pool. Top J&M choices based on pool type are listed below



Pool Heaters

Heating technology has come a long way in the last 5 years and we offer the most efficient and fastest heating technology on the market. If adding a new unit, J&M can handle running the gas line, and electricity, and pour the pad to ensure a proper installation. If replacing a unit we can ensure the fit matches your existing gas lines and is the most effective unit based on your needs. Our three favorite units are listed below



LED Lighting

Though this does not have an effect on water quality it can be a lot of fun to control and show off with your automation. Led multicolor lights allow for peace of mind of not having high voltage lights around your swimming pool and offer the fun to create any color mood you could imagine.  Check out the video below to see the lights in action.



We’d love the opportunity to improve your equipment set-up while improving the quality of your water and help prevent downtime for your swimming pool. These simple tweaks will allow for improved functionality, all while increasing the lifespan of your pool finishes and equipment. Give J&M a call to upgrade your equipment today.