Tile can be used in many ways when constructing or remodeling a swimming pool. Tile is versatile but most found on the waterline of concrete pools. Let’s look at a few different ways tile can be used in pool design and construction. Approximately 99% of concrete pools have tile under the coping along the waterline. Tile along this line prevents pollen, sunscreen, oils, and other substances from creating a scum line at the pool’s waterline. Many people don’t realize it, but tile can also be applied to the waterline of fiberglass pools. 

Check out these offerings from Latham that are exclusively for fiberglass pools. 

Even though the waterline is the most common place tile is used, it is not the only place. Spa spillovers, raised walls, and in-pool step markers are a few other tile applications. Check out these iridescent glass tile step markers used to help with visibility.

When deciding what tile to use, the first decision is what type to use. The two most common types of tiles are ceramic & porcelain tile and glass tile. Each has different properties, install procedures and benefits. Ceramic and porcelain tile are a staple of pool finishing and have been for a long time. These come in various sizes and can have a matte or a glossy finish. These tiles are made to withstand the elements and are relatively easy to install. 

Ceramic & porcelain tiles are very reliable and have a straightforward installation process. Porcelain tile can also come in large format, which we anticipate being a future trend in modern pool building. A large format looks great and equals fewer grout lines, which means less maintenance and repair in the future. We completed this job using large format tiles for a perimeter overflow spa and raising the wall with water features.

The other type of tile that is commonly used in pool construction and remodels is glass tile. Glass tile can create a stunning look due to reflective, translucent, and even iridescent properties. Glass tile is a premium selection that typically comes at a higher cost because of both the cost of the tile and the impactful install process. 

Our professional design team at J&M will help you decide on what tile best suits the look and function you are trying to achieve with your pool build or remodel. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.