If you’re interested in building a new pool, you’ll want to know all about the latest trends in design and construction. To say that pools have come a long way is an understatement, and if you want to build the pool of your dreams, you first need to know all of your options. From design to materials, let’s take stock of some of the latest trends in pool construction:

The popularity of modern outdoor living spaces is on the rise. Contemporary pools are often rectangular or rectilinear in footprint but can also be a combination of flowing curves or sharp angles. The shape of a pool lays the groundwork for the mood and aesthetics. Free-form pools lend themselves to a more natural laid-back lagoon feel, whereas contemporary pools wow with a sophisticated presence.

Spa design trends have also evolved. A perimeter overflow spa may be the single hottest pool construction trend today. This feature allows water to overflow from the spa into the pool on all sides (think a 360-degree infinity edge). Another trend is to do what is called a rolled edge, rather than the traditional coping overhang on the inside of the spa. A rolled edge makes it easier and more comfortable to recline and lean your back or head against the inside wall. Another practical spa trend is to vary the bench height to accommodate both short and tall guests. 


Water features have also become a staple in outdoor living spaces, such as a large, beautiful, natural rock waterfall, raised walls with crisp modern scuppers, or sheer descents with LED lights and jets that create a tall, illuminated arc of water. The possibilities go on and on. We encourage everyone to consider some type of water feature, and we are here to help you determine the best options for your pool. 

Besides fun water features, fire is also now often incorporated into outdoor spaces with fire bowls and firewalls. Imagine a fire/water combination that functions as a fire bowl with water spilling out into the pool—these are outfitted with a remote ignition for ultimate ease of use. At J&M Pool Company, we can build it all! 

Material selection is now more difficult than ever with so many viable, attractive options. Travertine is immensely popular for coping and paver decks alike. We expect to see more travertine in the future, but also predict a rise in the use of porcelain tile pavers, which are built to last and come in many sizes that can be configured to create any type of pattern. Rather than surrounding a pool with solid concrete, many builders today will pour smaller sections of concrete or lay sections of pavers and then use artificial turf between them. And for those who may not want pavers, a rock salt or Kool-Deck finish are both great upscale alternatives.

Tile is a material synonymous with pool construction. As people look to mix it up from the traditional 6” x 6” waterline tile, many are turning to the 1” x 2” size. These smaller tiles (often made of glass) can even be iridescent and are sure to turn heads! There are other alternative sizes for waterline tile, including 2” x 3” or even 6” x 24.” And, while there’s not one specific tile color trending, we are seeing a willingness to stray from traditional blue tile. Don’t be afraid to consider white, gray, or even black tile for your pool!


On vinyl liner pools, customers are also beginning to shift away from the standard royal blue liner color that has been on the market for years. Many are opting for a gray-based liner, which produces beautiful teal colored water, while others are going even bolder with a darker liner. The biggest trend in vinyl liner pools is customization—builders are now equipped to construct liner-covered tanning ledges, benches, and unique entry points. 

Interior finishes have also undergone massive improvements through the years. For concrete pools, most customers want a pebble look, specifically a mini pebble finish. It’s not rough on the feet, ensures consistent coloring throughout, and also tends to outlast traditional plaster. Wet Edge Technologies even offers a polished pebble finish that’s smooth to the touch. Darker colored pools have risen in popularity, but the medium blue colors remain most popular.


There is no doubt that designing and building a pool in 2023 can be a bit overwhelming, but that is what J&M Pool Company is here for! Our team of project managers and professional designers will work with you every step of the way. Let us know when you’re ready to design your dream backyard oasis!