With spring rapidly approaching, swimming season will be here in no time. Preparing your pool in advance is crucial to maximize your family’s enjoyment of your pool throughout the warm days of spring and summer. Since a pool has many important features vital for proper function, we recommend erring on the early side and opening between March 1st and April 30th. Although commercial pools tend to open closer to Memorial Day, there are many possible swimming days prior to Memorial Day which can be enjoyed.

The following are the most impactful reasons to consider opening your pool early:

  • Allow time to fix issues—Not all issues with your pool can be remedied overnight so opening early can give you time to fix the issues without losing any ideal swimming days.
  • Repair failing equipment—Especially older equipment can potentially seize if left stagnant for a while. Because most equipment repairs take 1-2 weeks from diagnosis to installation, finding these issues early is ideal.
  • Inspect equipment for pest damage—Whether a chipmunk has eaten your filter plugs or wasps have nested on your electrical components, these creatures can cause unexpected failure which will take time to assess and repair.
  • Check for liner failure—When water temperatures reach extremely cold or freezing temperatures, your liner can become torn or cracked, which can lead to your water leaking out. If the liner needs to be replaced, the replacement can take up to six weeks to complete. Obviously, this is not the sort of repair you want to find when you scheduled a pool party for the next weekend.
  • Prevent the pool from becoming green—When the water beneath the cover becomes warmer, the chlorine will deplete and allow for algae growth. Once the pool has been contaminated with algae, the cleansing of your pool can take 1-4 weeks depending on the level of debris, quality of equipment, and current chemistry. Through early opening, the chances of finding your pool green is greatly diminished.
  • Prepare your backyard for entertaining—A closed pool can detract from the landscaping and aesthetics of your backyard. Whenever the pool is open, your outdoor space is maximized, reminding you why you invested in the pool in the first place. Although an open pool requires maintenance, the enjoyment and memories for your family are well-worth your efforts.

When you are ready to open your pool this spring season, the J&M Pool Company Team can get your pool ready promptly and professionally for the coming swim season.


"Fantastic company. Ben did a great job of explaining their services and starting our treatment. Rich did an outstanding job with the follow up service. He stayed after hours and explained my system to me and how to properly maintain my pool. These guys are real pros and I highly recommend using them for your pool!"

Troy Cornwell