Checkups keep your family healthy, but did you know that your pool needs one too? Pool checkups are similarly beneficial as proactive pool care can extend the life of your equipment. At J&M Pool Company, we build customized maintenance plans to suit your needs.


A Pool Checkup includes:

  • Filter Cleaning 
  • In Depth Filter Inspection
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Inspection of All Essential Pool Equipment
  • Chemical Level Testing 
  • Chemical Balancing

Advantages of Pool Checkups

  • Professional Cleaning—Our pool professionals will ensure that your pool equipment is properly cleaned and maintained to ensure proper function. We are familiar with different pool equipment models and customize our care based upon the manufacturer’s recommendations and each homeowner’s needs. Proper cleaning will help extend the life of your pool equipment.
  • Chemical Balancing—When we come for your pool’s checkup, we will evaluate your pool chemistry and make sure that everything is in the best balance for the ideal function of your pool and the safety of your family. If any chemicals are off, we have the expertise and chemical agents to remedy the problem.
  • Informed Support—The team at J&M Pool Company is up-to-date on the latest advancements in pool technology. If we see any potential problems, we will let you know during the checkup. Many pool issues can be handled early on instead of waiting for a complicated or expensive fix. Also, we can offer suggestions for beneficial upgrades to improve your pool experience.
  • Peace of Mind—Pools are a significant investment. Maximizing the lifespan of your pool and equipment is important. When a professional pool technician evaluates your pool, you can feel confident that your pool is in good hands. We will meticulously check your pool to spot problems before they develop into more serious issues that impact your swim days.

Prevention is key to preserving your pool. We want to help you maximize your investment in your pool. Call today for an estimate on a pool checkup today from J&M Pool Company!