Are you still wondering if it’s worth checking your pool each week? Your pool is a hub of fun, relaxation, and an escape from the heat. One of the best ways to keep your pool in exceptional shape is by inspecting it with a weekly maintenance checklist. Your pool’s longevity, aesthetic nature, and overall function can benefit from prioritizing a weekly inspection. Take a look at why providing routine maintenance is crucial for the long-term health of your pool. 

Preserve its Appearance 

Have you ever seen a pool that hasn’t been serviced in a while? The water was murky, leaves were covering a large portion of the water, and you may even have seen the colors within and around the liner fade. This occurrence certainly can affect the decision of whether you want to jump in or not. Providing weekly maintenance on your pool allows you to avoid these issues before they happen. Cleaning out the leaves and checking water quality can keep your pool attractive and safe for friends and family looking to jump in. 

Keep The Water Chemistry in Check 

Organisms thrive in unsanitary water. Bacteria, algae, and other things can have a field day in your pool, resulting in the diminishing quality of the water chemistry. Additionally, every time you swim in the pool, leaves fall in, or a small animal takes a swim, the sweat and bacteria of these individuals can significantly change your pool’s chemistry — likely for the worse. You can combat this by adding sanitizer to treat algae and prevent staining. 

Preserve the Safety of Your Pool 

Pools can be fun, but they can also become unsafe if not properly cared for. It is essential to check the area around the pool, including objects like handrails, steps, and any other related equipment that allows you to enter or leave. A crack, dent, or break can compromise the safety of your pool, leading to potential injury. Doing a weekly check of these items allows you to handle any minor issues before they become larger and more expensive.  

Pool maintenance is essential. These locations are a significant investment, and because of the time and cost that it takes to manage these parts of your home, you must make weekly maintenance and inspection a part of your routine. If you have noticed an issue with your pool or think it can use a more thorough inspection, the J&M Pools team will help! Our team is experienced in constructing, servicing, and maintaining pools. If you need assistance, schedule a consultation with us today!