Leak Detection

Finding where your pool has been compromised

Leak Detection Senoia, GA

Even the smallest leak can eventually cause a great hassle, preventing your enjoyment of your pool. A leak can impact your water bills, cause considerable damage, and add unnecessary work to maintain your pool. Although some water evaporation is normal which can impact your pool's water level, a significant and unexplained dip in your water level may be an indicator of a hidden leak.

Why J&M Pool Company can be trusted to find your leak:

We are seasoned pool technicians.

With 100 combined years of experience, our team has the experience and expertise needed to locate your leak.

Understanding the ins and outs of your pool is vital for successful leak detection. Since we have located many leaks, we are familiar with the most reasonable places to look for leaks.

We are outfitted with the best tools and technology.

As leaders in our industry, we are constantly learning and utilizing the latest advancements in technology for continual improvement. With the aid of technology, we can better pinpoint the source of your leak before it causes greater problems.

We recognize the urgency and work quickly.

Since a small leak can cause significant problems, we know how important swift leak detection is. From the first call for help, we will dispatch a technician right away to begin hunting for the source.

We have the ability to find the problem and fix it.

There are companies which only do leak detection or only do pool repairs, but we are a full-service pool company capable of both. We will find the problem and offer a solution. Not only is this more cost efficient for you, but also it is a faster solution. Since a leak unaddressed can continue to cause problems, choosing a service fully prepared for the task is wise.

Warning signs of a potential leak: 

  • Visible cracks in your pool
  • Sinking or lifting pool deck
  • Soggy spots surrounding the pool
  • Needing to add water more than weekly
  • Losing more than 2 inches a week of water
  • Water evaporation is dramatically different without any noticeable environmental changes
  • Equipment is malfunctioning
  • Pool system suddenly has air present

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