We live in a society where we look toward our electronics for control and information. The pool industry has finally caught up and offers many upgrades to give us full swimming pool control at the tip of our fingers. The team at J&M Pool Company can help you find the right updates to take your pool to the next level of convenience and luxury.

Smart Phone/ Wi-Fi Control:

Each of the major manufacturers (Hayward, Zodiac, and Pentair) offer upgrade kits for existing automation to allow for app friendly control. Depending on the complexity of the backyard, different units can be provided. The touchscreen interfaces allow you to do everything from turning up the heat on your spa to setting the theme for your next backyard party with a single touch. J&M has relationships with each manufacturer to offer the best solution to fit your existing or new pool.

LED Pool Lighting:

For many years, pools had a 500-Watt, 120 Volt white pool light connected to a gfci breaker and that is how it was. Lucky for the swimming pool world, pool lighting, like many electronic devices, has evolved. LED pool and spa lights are now low voltage and designed to illuminate nearly any new or existing pool or spa environment with an array of vibrant colors.  From an elegant white led light to a full USA themed color show, J&M has you covered.  We work with multiple manufacturers to ensure that the light will link up with your existing controls and fit in the niche already built into the pool. Our experts are trained to install and deal with everything related to pool lighting application.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps:

Running a 2 HP swimming pool pump year-round can be expensive and inefficient. The cost to run 8 hours a day in Fayette and Coweta County for 12 months is between $550 to $650. What if we told you could run a variable speed pump for 24 hours a day for $75 a year? Well, you can! Welcome to the infinity law and energy efficiency. With the advancements in swimming pool pumps, we now have the luxury of high speeds when we need them and energy efficiency when we don’t. Why use multiple pumps when you can now control it with one! This efficient choice leaves to major cost savings and increased filtration and water quality for the health of your family and pool.

Enhanced Filtration Methods:

Cartridge filters provide the most energy efficient flow and can save up to 2500 gallons of water per year by eliminating the need to backwash. Cartridge filters combined with a quarterly cleaning service by J&M pool company ensures sparkling water year-round without the hassle of failed multiports and busted grids. This leads to cost savings and superior filtration (Down to a 4 micron). Filters are plumbed with a waste line prior to filter so your pool can still be vacuumed for waste and water removed if necessary. Let J&M size the perfect swimming pool filter for your pool.

Enhanced Sanitation Methods:

Pool sanitation can come from many forms and all attempt to achieve the same goal: a comfortable and healthy swimming environment for you and your family while preserving the structure and integrity of the pool itself. J&M offers multiple types of sanitation including chlorine, salt, ozone, and radical oxidation. J&M accounts for the decking and pool structure as well as your desired goals to offer you the best sanitation to meet your needs.

Pool Heating:

Heating a pool can be expensive, however heating a pool with an undersized or inefficient heater can be extremely expensive and ineffective. Heaters will always be one of the most expensive pieces of hardware for your swimming pool and if it isn’t done right, it can be ruined quickly and lead to poor results. The internet can provide a lot of noise on how to best heat your pool; however, it is always recommended to sit down with a pool professional to decide your needs before moving forward with any heating option. J&M offers gas heaters, electric heat pumps (offering cooling and heating), and hybrid heaters offering gas and electrical heating possibilities all with corrosive proof headers and heat exchangers to ensure longevity. The key is to find a heater that will last, provide the solutions you want, and come at a price you can afford. This varies depending on each individual and swimming pool. Heaters are forever evolving to heat faster, use less electricity or gas, and handle the corrosive elements of pool chemistry.  If you are planning on replacing a unit or installing a new unit, be sure to contact a pool professional prior to purchase.

If you are interested in learning more about how pool automation and upgrades can improve your pool experience, schedule a consultation with one of our professionals at J&M Pool Company.


"J&M Pools has always done good work for us. We needed to have a new liner installed. Our service technician Steve did a great job communicating and letting us know what was going on each day and what we could expect the next day. We were never left in the dark. As always J&M did a great job and on time as well. Highly recommend."

Cassie Irvin