Use this checklist as your go-to guide before, during, and after your pool construction project.


  • Find a Certified Professional

At J&M Pools, we pride ourselves on our customer-first mentality, knowing that a new pool construction is not a small decision. We are licensed, insured, and hold several industry-leading certifications to better serve our customers.


  • Preparation

Before any construction begins, you will work directly with our team to decide on comprehensive design and construction plan based on your specific goals for the project. We know that during all phases of the project, communication is key. That’s why we work hard to establish relationships with our customers during this preparation phase.


  • Location and Design

Choosing a design for your new pool can seem daunting. Thankfully, our team is able to create 3D renderings of your new pool before construction begins. This way, you are able to fully visualize the location and design of your investment.


  • Budget

The cost of your new pool construction will depend on the size, design, and surface materials (vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete). Additional costs are added for amenities such as spas, water features, and special lighting. No matter your budget, our team will work with you to see your vision come to life.


  • Site Preparation

New pool construction often involves varying levels of excavation to ensure that the site is ready. Dirt, gravel, or other materials may also be involved in order to prepare the ground surface for your new pool.


  • Construction

With a newly prepared site, our talented team of builders will be ready to begin construction. This is where crucial plumbing and electrical work is completed before our builders lay the vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete pool surface material.


  • Final Touches

Once the bulk of construction is complete, you will then be able to focus on the surrounding aesthetics of your pool area. Landscaping, deck builds, and outdoor cooking areas are some of the ways our clients choose to amplify their new outdoor space.