If you’re looking into new pool construction or receiving maintenance for your existing pool, consider the following questions that every pool company worth their salt should be able to answer:

Pool Construction
  1. Will the company handle all of the appropriate zoning and permits necessary for construction? 
  2. Do they provide pool design consulting services?
  3. Are they licensed and certified to perform the necessary construction?
  4. Are they aware of the latest industry technologies for maximum efficiency? 
  5. Do they offer guidance for upkeep and maintenance once the project is completed?
Pool Maintenance
  1. Are they licensed and insured to service your pool on your property?
  2. Do they have any certifications or professional memberships that underscore their experience?
  3. Do they work on existing filtration systems that were not installed by their company?
  4. Will I receive water-testing reports? 
  5. Will they be able to handle common problems in your area?
  6. Are they able to solve problems efficiently and offer the best upgrades available