Swimming season is just around the corner, so now is the best time to get ready. Not only should you schedule your pool opening, but this is an ideal time to make any upgrades you desire. By starting now, your pool can be completed and ready to go when the weather warms up. J&M Pool Company offers a variety of upgrade opportunities to make your pool more enjoyable. If you are considering updating one feature, a pool heater is a wise choice with many benefits for your family.

Benefits of Updating Your Pool Heater:

  • Extend Your Swimming Season—When you have an energy efficient heater, you can enjoy your pool on days which would not be warm enough for a swim otherwise. Some homeowners will choose to keep their pool open year-round or at least from early Spring to late Fall when they have an efficient heater. A heater gives you the opportunity to enjoy your pool longer and maximize your investment.
  • Reduce Your Operating Costs—Over time, heaters can become less efficient. This could be due to poor maintenance or parts just gradually failing. Newer heating models are designed to heat a pool using less energy. When you are using less energy, your utility bills will be greatly reduced. You will not have to choose between having a comfortable pool or having an unreasonable bill. Upgrading your heater will pay for itself in savings long-term on utility bills.
  • Maximize Your Energy Efficiency—Even the more efficient models of the past only operate at 70-80% energy efficiency. The newer models are generally between 82-96% energy efficient. The percentages may not seem that different but consider this—If you are using an old model with 70% efficiency, for every dollar you spend heating your pool, your heater used $0.70 for heating and $0.30 is just lost into the atmosphere. If your model is 96% efficient, you are only losing $0.04 per dollar. We are speaking in terms of change here but imagine how much this can add up to over time. The savings will be dramatic and significant over time.
  • Minimize Space Used By Heater—Newer heater models are typically much more compact. If you already have limited space, this could be helpful. There are a variety of heater choices so you can find the ideal one to fit your heating and size needs. Heaters are generally categorized by their BTU (British Thermal Unit) input and output.
  • Protect Your Family From Heater Combustion Issues—Now, heater models are made with sealed combustion, which is much safer than the old models. Although a combustion issue is unlikely, you are being cautious for the sake of your family and preventing costly damage down the line from an issue.

If you are ready for more warm and comfortable pool days, call J&M Pool Company to learn more about our efficient heater upgrades. You can extend your swimming season, maximize your comfort, and lower your bills significantly!