A well-maintained, clean pool is much more inviting to your family and friends. Spending time around the pool can be a great option for refreshing during the hot Georgia summer. J&M Pool Company wants to help you keep your pool in pristine condition to be enjoyed all swim season long. When your pool is maintained properly, you can maximize your investment and your pool’s lifespan. Plaster pools are a common choice because they are affordable and color customizable. Although plaster pools can last for decades when maintained properly, they can start looking their age over time. If you have a plaster pool, these are a few instances you should consider replastering.

  • The Surface is Tough on Your Toes—Plaster is a soft material that can become rough after years of exposure to the harsh chemicals required for your pool. The chemicals eat away at the plaster which makes pits and dings in the surface that can be rough on your feet. When your pool is scuffing your feet, consider replastering the pool for your comfort.
  • The Plaster is Rough on Your Eyes—Over time, the plaster can become stained, which makes the pool look less aesthetically pleasing or clean. If you are consistent with your pool cleanings, you may delay staining for a while, but some staining is inevitable. You can choose to acid wash your pool to restore the gleam to your plaster. An acid wash removes the topmost layer of plaster to reveal a clean finish again. After repeated acid washes, your pool may get to the point that the wash is not instantly working anymore. You should consider replastering when this circumstance occurs.
  • The Pool is Undergoing Renovation—Whether you are upgrading your pool deck, adding a water feature, or anything in between, re-plastering while you are already renovating is wise. Your worn down plaster could detract from the beauty of your upgrades and improvements otherwise. An upgraded and freshly plastered pool will create better curb appeal for your home whether you plan to stay there forever or sell soon.

If your pool could use a fresh replastering, our J&M Pool Company crew can help! We will get your pool restored to its smooth and beautiful appearance with minimal interruption to your swimming season.