Georgia falls are known for bringing a blanket of warm colors from our native trees. These autumn leaves can be stunning to look at while on a hike or driving through the North Georgia mountains; however, this same beauty brings a maintenance nightmare for backyard swimming pools. 

When you look at your backyard, be prepared that every leaf will make its way down to the ground and the Georgia winds tend to take each one of the leaves and throw them into the backyard swimming pool. Pool owners find themselves fighting an endless battle of scooping debris, vacuuming, and unclogging skimmer and pump baskets in a failed attempt to keep up.  If you are wondering if there is a better solution, there definitely is.

One of the best solutions is a Loop-Loc safety cover installed by J&M certified installers. A safety cover not only alleviates the anxieties of a child or animal falling into the pool, but it also acts as a barrier against the outside elements. A safety cover can easily be cleaned off with a blower. The different variety of covers ensures there is one to suit every backyard pool. One of the most common responses we hear after installing a safety cover is, “why did we not do this years ago”?


Why can’t I just use a tarp?

Use a tarp once and you will know why. 

  • Tarps offer no safety features and can be quite dangerous if someone falls in.
  • Tarps can get holes. If a hole forms while having an automatic pump, it can drain your entire pool.
  • Tarps puddle in the middle due to the sag and you end up spending just as much time cleaning the tarp as you would a pool.
  • Tarps with water bags can become quite the eye sore.

Can I just have my pool maintained during the off season?


  • Our maintenance crews have large leave bags and professional equipment to be able to handle the heavy debris loads. 
  • Even if you have maintenance once a week, you will still have to help with upkeep in between.  Debris falls quickly, so skimmers and cleaner bags need to be emptied daily to prevent clogs.
  • Though all pools can be fitted for a safety cover, covers may not always be ideal for more complex pool/spa combinations.
  • Fall and winter maintenance can be a healthy alternative to a safety cover.

My pool is so beautiful, so why would I want to cover it up with an ugly cover?

Safety covers have come a long way and offer many colors and styles. Whatever your taste may be, there is an aesthetically pleasing cover that will fit your style. 

What happens when it rains?

Loop Loc safety covers come in a variety of styles to suit each client’s needs. The solid covers are retrofitted with an automatic pump, which will pump any standing water off the cover automatically.

Mesh and extreme mesh covers allow the water to go through the cover preventing the need for an automatic cover pump. This is ideal for a pool that is already retrofitted with an overflow. If no overflow is built into the pool, an automatic cover pump can still be placed on top of the cover to prevent overfilling.

Can I still use my spa if I have a safety cover?

Yes.  Whether you wish to cover and winterize the whole pool and spa or keep the spa running and only cover the pool portion, we have a solution for you.  We have numerous set-ups and options to meet the needs of every client.

Why have J&M install my safety cover when someone else can get me a cover cheaper?

We only offer the highest quality covers that are tested and meet ASTM Standard F1346-01 Compliance for manual safety covers.  Therefore, we partner with Loop-Loc to offer the strongest and most trusted safety covers.

When it comes to a child’s safety, we do not take chances. Precise measurements and proper installation of the cover is just as important as the cover itself.  With J&M Pool Company, you can rest assured that you have the best in the business in both quality and training. We are constantly learning and improving our techniques. Our staff has over 25 years of experience installing covers of all complexity. 

Quick Recap:

  • Georgia falls are hard on a pool due to the large number of leaves that drop.
  • The solution is a safety cover, which acts as a barrier between the pool and the elements.
  • Safety covers also offer a safety feature, protecting your loved ones from the pool.

We encourage you to check out our safety cover images and manufacturer’s website for more information. If you wish to receive a quote, give us a call and we can find the perfect solution for your backyard.