As the crisp cool air of fall is starting to creep up, the swimming season is wrapping up. If you close your pool during the off season, now is the time to schedule your professional pool closing with J&M Pool Company. A pool closing is more than just tossing on a cover and calling it a day. You need to winterize your pool and safeguard it from the elements. There are many strong reasons for letting a professional pool company handle your closing.

  • A Professional Will Already Have The Right Equipment—For a closing to be completed properly, you need a blower, a cover tool, a pump, and more. Although you could buy or rent the equipment, the expense and the time required to DIY your pool closing are simply not worth it. Save your time and money by letting a professional handle it.
  • A Professional Will Give You Peace of Mind—The worst thing for a pool owner is discovering a major problem when it is time to open the pool. By letting a professional handle your closing, you can feel confident that the pipes were drained properly and will not freeze. Being proactive with a proper closing will help keep your pool in good repair when swimming season rolls back around.
  • A Professional Will Have Experience, Expertise, and Certification—A closing must be completed properly to safeguard your pool during the colder months. Even if you rented your own equipment to complete the job, you will not be familiar with the best methods and practices for a safe closing. Our team undergoes continual training to ensure that we are using the best and most updated practices for protecting your pool.
  • A Professional Will Be Prepared to Complete The Job Safely—Pool closing equipment is heavy and bulky. Instead of throwing out your back trying to DIY your pool closing, leave it to a team of professionals. There are many projects which are well-suited for DIY, but pool closings are not one of those projects. Closings generally require a team of professionals to complete them in the safest manner.
  • A Professional Will Be Efficient—DIY projects can become economically unwise when you must invest a lot of  time. A pool closing by a DIY pool owner will take considerably longer than a trained team. At J&M Pool Company, we have pool closings down to a science so we can knock them out promptly and properly. You could spend your entire weekend trying to figure out a pool closing when we could come and finish the same day.

If you are ready to schedule your professional pool closing, give J&M Pool Company a call! We are standing by to help you safeguard your pool during the off season.