As tanning ledges have become a staple on most new pool builds, the demand for in-pool furniture has risen sharply. Ledge Lounger has become a household name. Typically made of a resin material similar to a rotomolded cooler, this specialized outdoor furniture is made to withstand being submerged in water 24/7. If you are considering pool furniture, be aware that most in-pool furniture is rated to work best at specific depths. Be sure you know how deep your tanning ledge is and the depth recommended by the chair manufacturer before making a purchase. If you need guidance, our team at J&M Pool Company can help.

The Ledge Lounger name is synonymous with in-pool loungers. They make high-quality products with different styles and colors to offer something for everyone. 

Their Signature Chaise is what started it all. This chaise is a true classic and one you can’t go wrong with. The next version of Ledge Lounger chaise is the new Autograph Chaise, which is stunning. 

Ledge Lounger also offers chairs for those with less space or who prefer being more upright. The Signature Chair and the Low Back Chair are almost identical, except the Signature Chair has a higher back for added head and neck support.  

The new Autograph Chair is also a strong choice. These chairs look unbelievable and deliver ergonomic comfort as well.

Quality in-pool furniture looks good in the pool, on the deck, or around a fire pit. The Costarondack Chair by Bask Outside looks great in or out of the water. This chair is a modern Adirondack chair with a cup holder included. Since this is a chair, it will fit on smaller tanning ledges where many chaises/loungers may not.


This next chair is lesser-known, but its simple modern design ensures that the Loop Chair by Tupelo Goods will continue to gain popularity.

Tupelo Goods confirms on their website that these are rated for in-pool use and have two gaskets on the bottom to allow the chair to sink.  

Tenjam produces chairs, tables, stools, and benches with a unique flair. The bold distinctive style makes these chairs unlike any other.  

S.R. Smith produces a variety of residential and commercial pool products. Many people may not realize that they also make rotomolded in-pool lounge chairs. 

If you are considering full chaise loungers, head to Aqua Outdoors and check out the Aqua Chair. These loungers have nice lines that would look good in any pool. They also make a nice square table that pairs well with the chairs. 

Another full lounger option is the Kai Shelf Lounger. This great looking option is a suitable alternative to the Ledge Lounger. The drink holder and cell phone holder set this lounger apart from the others.

From one chaise to another, costs can vary greatly. If you’re on a tight budget, the Slim Outdoor Pool Chaise Sun Lounger is the most economical choice. This lounger is available in white and taupe. is an under-the-radar website offering a shallow chaise, a deep chaise, and a chair. Although we have not utilized this brand before, the products look promising.

Not all in-pool furniture is made of resin. Check out these unbelievable concrete loungers from Boxhill.

Boxhill has other commercial-grade pool-rated furniture options, but they do come with commercial prices.  

Perigold carries a few really cool loungers by a company called Vondom. They make a smaller chaise called the Ibiza Lounger that is less intrusive and stackable. Vondom also produces the Surf Sun Chaise which is a resort-style lounger that comes in a variety of nice colors. There is even a model that is illuminated through internal LED lights. 

Even if outdoor furniture isn’t specifically designed for in-pool use, many products are suited to withstand in-pool use. Polywood is an excellent example. They make some of the most durable and long-lasting outdoor furniture on the planet. Even though they don’t advertise their furniture being used on tanning ledges, here is what their website says in the FAQ section: 

“Can I use POLYWOOD furniture on the shallow ledge of my pool? You can use our furniture on the tanning ledge of your pool, but we suggest taking it out of the chemically-treated water when finished and rinsing the furniture with fresh water.”

We are excited about the future of in-pool furniture and envision huge tanning ledges with entire living room sets on them. Ledge Lounger already produces sectionals and daybeds intended for use in the water. 

With so many great options, don’t leave your tanning ledge bare. Create the ultimate relaxation spot in your pool. If you need ideas for furnishing your tanning ledge, reach out to our pool professionals at J&M Pool Company.

Photos are courtesy of:

Ledge Lounger

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