Quarterly Services

Preventative care for your pool

Quarterly Services Senoia, GA

Preventative care can prevent costly repairs in the future. Our quarterly services are designed to keep every aspect of your pool healthy and running in every season. A quarterly visit includes special attention and cleaning of your filter, cleaning of your salt cell, inspection of all essential pool equipment, and testing of chemical levels. With quarterly care, your pool equipment's longevity is maximized and prioritized as well maintaining a safe environment for your family. With quarterly services, your pool is professionally serviced which is good for your pool as well as your budget.

Why are quarterly services such as filter cleanings beneficial?

Your filter is significantly cleaner.

Although backwashing can help encourage your filter's cleanliness somewhat, it cannot be compared to the meticulous cleaning possible by a trained professional.We will rid your filter of any dirt or debris hindering proper filtration.

Your filter is inspected for problems preventatively.

Our technicians will examine your filter with surgical precision. We will inspect even the smallest part or crevice to ensure there are not underlying problems which would hinder filtration or potentially cause a problem in the long-term for your pool.

Your filter's life is maximized.

Proper maintenance has a significant impact on the life expectancy of your filter. If your filter has been hindered by debris or a malfunctioning part, not only could the filter have been ineffective, but the overtaxing of your filter could cause early failure. Routine care will keep your filter functioning well for many years to come.

J&M Pool Company is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and superior work, from the first visit at your home to the final steps in construction. This level of dedication and service is at the core of our company, and is the essence of the J&M difference.

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