Seasonal Services

Protecting your pool and family year-round

Seasonal Services Senoia, GA

Pool maintenance is important year-round for the cleanliness and preservation of your pool as well as the safety of your family. Optimally, your pool should be monitored or maintained in the off season and opened/closed professionally. The team at J&M Pool Company will keep your pool safe and clean through every season. We offer safety covers, opening and closing services, summer and winter maintenance, and seasonal maintenance plans. When you are determining the right seasonal plan for your pool, we can help you decide on the route which serves your family's needs. Keeping your pool open throughout the year can provide opportunities for your family, especially in our state with rapidly changing temperatures. If closing the pool is ideal for your family, we will professionally open and close your pool to maximize your enjoyment of the warm seasons. Regardless of your seasonal needs, the team at J&M Pool Company is ready to help!

Experience our seasonal services: 

Pool Closing

In the fall, preparing your pool for the off-season is important. We will vacuum the pool, winterize the lines and equipment, put in winterization chemicals, install the cover, and cover the pump. If you decide to close your pool for the winter season, a cover is required for the safety of your family.

Safety Covers

If closing your pool, a quality safety cover is necessary and wise, especially for families with pets or small children. Our high quality pool covers are safe to walk on and give you peace of mind that your family is safe.

In addition to the safety issue, safety covers also greatly limit the amount of debris which can accumulate in your pool.

Pool Opening

To begin pool season smoothly, we will dewinterize the lines and equipment, remove the cover, vacuum the pool, and startup the system.  Your pool will be in pristine condition to enjoy during the warm weather.

Monthly Maintenance

Although the pool cover will greatly diminish the debris which can compromise your clean pool, it cannot prevent it completely. With our monthly maintenance plan, our team of professionals will come once a month to clean your pool thoroughly so the water will be free of debris and contaminants. Pool maintenance is important during swimming season, but in the off-season as well.

Benefits of Seasonal Services:

  • Maintain your pool year-round
  • Allow your pool to remain open with weekly cleanings
  • Keep your children and pets safe from accidents with a safety cover
  • Minimize debris in your pool during the off-season with a safety cover
  • Clean up your pool prior to usage with opening services
  • Balance the chemicals appropriately before swimming season begins
  • Inspect equipment to ensure optimal function
  • Offer preventative care before closing to minimize algae, eliminate debris, and shut off electricity during dormant months

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