At J&M Pool Company, we generally recommend 6 to 8 weeks before you plan on using it.


The Why Behind 6-8 Weeks:


  • By being proactive you give yourself time to address any issues that may have come to light during the closed down season. Too often our clients wait until the last minute to open only to find a problem that led to costly and time-consuming repairs.  You need to give yourself time to react.
  • By opening 6 to 8 weeks prior to planned events or times of use, you give yourself time to react to issues. Most repairs from liner replacements, clean-ups, equipment failures, re-plaster and re-tiles, and much more can all be scheduled and repaired within 8 weeks of deposit.  If we are not in peak season, most of these items can be scheduled and repaired within days.
  • As we get deeper into the spring season, our schedules get backed up further and further. Each week, more and more swimming pools open, which means that our crews get busier leading to slower scheduling and repair times.  By being proactive, you can ensure that you are ahead of the crowd and first on the list.
The Most Common Problems Found When Opening Closed Pools


Issues Caused by Heavy Rains

  • Pools can have severe run off from poor drainage leading to water/mud entering the pool under the cover. This leads to costly clean-ups and/or drain and cleans.
  • Chemistry gets severely altered by high amounts of water and as water temperatures warm, the pools will almost all turn green. This leads to additional clean up visits and chemistry adjustments to get the pool back into swimming order.
  • High water tables can cause swimming pools to fail. This can be everything from floated and failed liners to pool coping separating from shells. Pools can even pop all the way out of the ground. Each of these items can take 8+ weeks to remedy.

Equipment Failure

  • Pool equipment has a 5 to 7-year lifespan. This goes for everything from the salt system to the pool cleaner. If any equipment is over this age, it often chooses to fail at opening season after it has sat stagnant for 6 months.
  • This is a great time to upgrade to more energy efficient options such as variable speed pumps, led lighting, low emission heaters, and wi-fi automation. If you end up being reactive, you will often select the quick repair preventing you from making a more educated product decision.

Insects & Rodents

  • Insects are attracted to the warmth of pool equipment and will often make their home in breaker boxes, automation boards, and motor housings. Insects love to chew. This leads to wiring damage and board failures.
  • Rodents are known to look for the salt leftover on filter caps and plugs. This leads to unrepairable damage that requires replacement.

We  expect our maintenance routes to book up this season so please call (770) 251-0053 to ensure your spot on the 2020 schedule.

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"Bob has been great at checking our pool and repairing any equipment issues. Scheduling a service call is easy and quick through the J&M office and any problems are fully resolved. I also appreciate Bob making himself available for a quick question or tutorial via the phone…very helpful and courteous!"

Patrick Dedoyard