As the weather is warming up, pool season is just getting started. Taking your kids out for a swim can be a great way to beat the heat and burn off their energy. Getting distracted by the pool is very easy, especially if you are taking multiple children for a swim. Unfortunately, drowning is the most common accidental cause of death in children under 5. Even in children older than 5, drowning is the second most common. These facts should make the importance of pool safety abundantly clear. As a parent, you need to formulate a safety plan to keep your children safe while they are having fun poolside. J&M Pool Company is committed to helping you maximize your pool enjoyment and safety. Consider these tips and make a safety plan before you start blowing up your pool float.

  • Keep Your Eyes on Your Kids At All Times—This may seem basic, but we have heard too many stories where the parent said they looked away for a minute. Children can drown incredibly quickly and quietly. Even if your child can swim or has on a float, be aware. If you are by the pool with another adult, decide who will be the designated water watcher. The water watcher should be completely focused on the children in the pool—no texting, reading, cleaning, etc. Multitasking by the pool is very dangerous, so make your water watching duty the only priority.
  • Teach Your Kids to Swim as Early as Possible—Especially when you have a pool in your backyard, you should enroll your kids in swimming lessons asap. There are even some courses for infants where they are taught to float on their backs to avoid drowning. A child as early as a year old could be taught to swim. The skill of swimming is for fun, but it is also for safety. Even with fences and security precautions, you can never be too prepared. Teach your kids early for peace of mind. There are sometimes programs available through local YMCAs or the Parks and Recreation department. Knowing how to swim could save their life, especially if they accidentally fall in.
  • Make Sure Your Pool has a Functioning Drain Cover—As a result of a little girl drowning based upon suction entrapment with a faulty drain cover, there was a law passed that mandates all pools and spas to have drain covers meeting safety standards. If you are unsure about your drain cover, one of our pool professionals would be glad to check it for you. You should still teach your children about staying away from the drain even if you have a drain cover as a precaution. Pool suction is a serious danger and could even drown an adult.
  • Install Safety Features Around Your Pool—If your pool does not have a fence, alarm, and safety cover, these are important features for any pool owner, especially if you have children or pets. Having a pool in your backyard is fun for the whole family, but you need to take all the precautions possible to avoid anyone falling in.
  • Learn How to Do CPR—This life-saving skill could be valuable in any setting, but the pool is definitely an important place for it. Knowing adult and child CPR can save a life. If you are  not trained in CPR, CPR classes can often be found through hospitals, the Red Cross, and community centers.

The J&M Pool Company family wishes you a safe and fun swimming season! Make your safety plan and enjoy your pool in peace.