If your pool area could use a facelift, improving your decking can make a dramatic difference. There are a variety of decking choices available, such as concrete, tile, brick, natural stone, wood/composite, and pavers. Every pool owner has different needs, and each material could have benefits worth considering. You should consider factors such as your budget, desired appearance, maintenance time, durability, and safety. J&M Pool Company offers a variety of choices for decking customization. Pavers are a popular choice we provide because they have many benefits and look incredible.

Positives of Pavers

  • Long Lasting—Compared to other decking materials, pavers last much longer. Pavers are highly durable, so they will endure and impress for many years. They are the most durable pool decking material choice as they are resistant to cracking or deterioration from foot traffic, UV rays, harsh pool chemicals, and salt. In the unlikely event that a paver does get damaged, you can replace the one paver instead of having to resurface your whole deck. Your investment in pavers over time will bring a considerable savings as you will likely avoid full resurfacing and replacement for the years to come.  
  • Impressive Resistance—You should choose your decking with wet bare feet in mind. The decking around your pool needs to be smooth for walking but without becoming slippery. Pavers are textured which makes a slip and fall highly unlikely. The texture is just enough to keep you safe without scuffing your feet up. Pavers are also resistant to chemicals and spills, which makes them ideal for your outdoor entertaining space. When you choose pavers, your decking will remain safe regardless of exposure to constant wet foot traffic. Because they are so resistant and strong, your pavers will continue to impress even with little maintenance.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing—Pavers come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, sizes, patterns, and shapes, but they all will enhance your home’s exterior. Their natural stone look blends well with any outdoor decorating theme, whether traditional or modern. Improving your pool with pavers will actually add resale value to your home as well. Pavers provide a lot of opportunities for personalizing your space.

Pavers are an update that will improve the appearance of your pool and the safety of your family. If you are interested in transforming your pool area through new decking, reach out to J&M Pool Company. We can help you find the ideal decking material and appearance to suit your style.