If you are renovating your pool, this is a great time to resurface your pool deck. In the past, when concrete pool decks cracked or showed imperfections, pulling out the jackhammer and starting fresh was the only option. Spray overlay, also known as decorative concrete, delivers a brand new look and renewed strength for a 1/3 of the cost of new concrete. J&M Pool Company is committed to helping you maintain your pool inside and out. Spray overlay is just one way we can help transform your existing pool into something that looks brand new. See if spray overlay is right for you!

What is Spray Overlay?

Spray overlay is a resurfacing technique that utilizes a cement and polymer combination to cover over your existing concrete. Afterwards, visible imperfections and damage are covered and repaired. With traditional concrete methods, you would have to use a jackhammer to remove the old concrete before pouring a new concrete deck. This method is placed overtop your existing concrete, reinforcing the strength of your deck and dramatically transforming the appearance. Spray overlay can be customized to suit your color and style preference.

The Benefits

  • Save Money—At a 1/3 of the cost of replacement, spray overlay is the clear choice when your concrete pool deck becomes damaged. 
  • Avoid Hassles— Spray overlay achieves the same renewed look without expending unnecessary energy and time from the crew or inconveniencing your family with a bunch of jackhammering. 
  • Conserve Resources—Instead of breaking up, hauling away, and disposing of your old concrete, spray overlay builds upon what you have and reduces waste.
  • Improve Durability—Spray overlay promises resistance to wear and stains as well as greater strength than your original concrete deck.
  • Maximize Comfort and Safety—When you resurface your pool deck with spray overlay, your deck has a slip resistant sealed surface to prioritize the safety of your family and minimize the heat on your feet. 
  • Customize Easily—The design possibilities are extensive as we can match the color and texture to your outdoor decorating style or even mimic a stone or granite appearance. 

Our finished work can speak for itself. You will be amazed at the transformation possibilities using spray overlay. Schedule a visit from J&M Pool Company today!